The Growth of the Use of Money in Politics and of Railroad Power in New Hampshire: Senator Chandler's Recent Letters on This Subject.
The Writings and Speeches of Daniel Webster. Volume 6 of 18
A Treatise on the Law of Quasi-Contracts.
History of Trial by Jury.
Departmental Cooeperation in State Government.
Reminiscences of Samuel Dexter: Originally Written for the Boston Evening Transcript.
The Judges of England: With Sketches of Their Lives, and Miscellaneous Notices Connected with the Courts at Westminster, from the Time of the Conquest. Volume 7 of 9
Charging the Jury: A Monograph.
The Factors of the Unsound Mind: With Special Reference to the Plea of Insanity in Criminal Cases and the Amendment of the Law.
Hanging in Chains.
Business Trusts as Substitutes for Business Corporations: A Paper Read Before the Kansas City Bar Association, April 10, 1920.
Pleading in Civil Actions.
Constitution and Admission of Iowa Into the Union.
Nantucket Lands and Land Owners.
Mentoring Health Science Professionals
Catechismus, Siue, Prima Institutio Disciplina'que Pietatis Christianae, Latine Explicata. (1571)
Cicero as Evidence: A Historian's Companion
Deleuze and Film Music: Building a Methodological Bridge Between Film Theory and Music
The Village Bully
Ethics after Anscombe: Post Modern Moral Philosophy
Gauss Diagram Invariants for Knots and Links
Alfie Sprite Tooth Fairy at Night
The Beehouse Book
Bee-keeper's Handy Book
Macaroni Green?
The Faith of the People of God in Brooklyn and Queens
Islamic Criminal Law in Northern Nigeria: Politics, Religion, Judicial Practice
Ubuntu 10.10 Packaging Guide
The Fountain: A Secular Theology
Constructing Legal Systems: European Union in Legal Theory
Factorization, Singular Operators and Related Problems
European Rural Landscapes: Persistence and Change in a Globalising Environment
Fredholm and Local Spectral Theory, with Applications to Multipliers
The European Family: The Family Question in the European Community
The Passing Bell by James Harwood. (1655)
The Medall a Satyre / By the Authour of Absalom and Achitophel. (1682)
The Consecration of Marcellus an Ode in Memory of the Illustrious Prince William, Duke of Gloucester. (1700)
Europe's Chains Broke, Or, a Sure and Speedy Project to Rescue Her from the Present Usurpations of the Tyrant of France (1692)
The Way to Happinesse on Earth Concerning Riches, Honour, Conjugall Love, Eating, Drinking / By R.C. (1641)
A Consolatory Letter Upon the Death of a Daughter Written After a Philosophical Manner by a Gentleman of the University to His Friend in the Country. (1698)
Sermons Preach'd on Several Occasions by John Conant. (1697)
Kalendarium Hortense, Or, the Gard'ners Almanac Directing What He Is to Do Monthly Throughout the Year, and What Fruits and Flowers Are in Prime / By John Evelyn. (1673)
Geometric Aspects of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
The Reasons of Prayer for the Peace of Our Jerusalem in a Sermon Preached Before the Queen at Whitehall on the Fast-Day, Being Wednesday, August 29th, 1694 / By Thomas Comber. (1694)
Boundary Value Problems in the Spaces of Distributions
Sustainable Development of European Cities and Regions
Lectures on the Law of England. Volume 2 of 3
The Sanctuarie of a Troubled Soule Written by I.H. (1601)
Lectures on the Law of England. Volume 3 of 3
The Most Material Parts of Kent's Commentaries: Reduced to Questions and Answers Upon the Plan and in the Place of Kinne's Kent.
Crime, Its Amount, Causes, and Remedies.
Utrum Horum, Or, God's Ways of Disposing of Kingdoms and Some Clergy-Men's Ways of Disposing of Them. (1691)
A Treatise on the Law of Auctions: With an Appendix of Precedents.
A Complete Index to Ballards' [Sic] Law of Real Property. Volume 11 of 12
A Laving From Bees
The Good House-Wife Made a Doctor, Or, Health's Choice and Sure Friend Being a Plain Way of Nature's Own Prescribing to Prevent and Cure Most Diseases Incident to Men, Women (1692)
Implementing Sustainability: The New Zealand Experience
Better English Made Easy - The Henry Thomas Method
The History of the British Linen Bank
Nocton and Gedeit's on Call Paediatrics
A Mathematical Look at Politics
Distress Tolerance: Theory, Research, and Clinical Applications
The Enchanted Screen: The Unknown History of Fairy-Tale Films
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen at the Guild-Hall Chapel, Nov. 21, 1686 by Charles Hickman. (1687)
The Famous and Renowned History of Hector, Prince of Troy or the Three Destructions of Troy. ... (1710)
A Sermon Preached Before His Grace the King's Commissioner, and the Three Estates of Parliament, June the 15th. 1690. by David Williamson Minister of the Gospel at Edinburgh (1690)
Some Thoughts Concerning the Maintenance of the Poor in a Letter to a Member of Parliament. (1700)
Certaine Observations Upon Some Texts of Scripture (1648)
A Catechism: Being an Enlargement of the Church-Catechism, the Method Altered, and the Doctrine Proved by Scripture Intended, First for the Sake of Those That Were Not Baptized in Their Infancy (1679)
Trick or Treat - Card Tricks Using Some Sleight of Hand and a Trick Deck
How to Make Lampshades
Let's Put On a Magic Show - A Book for Children Wanting to Learn Magic
The Value of Talent: Promoting Talent Management Across the Organization
Assessment of Fuel Economy Technologies for Light-Duty Vehicles
Legerdemain - The Art of Sleight of Hand Including Magic Tricks
Water Fitness Lesson Plans and Choreography
Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Addictive Behaviors: A Clinician's Guide
Simple But Mystifying Magic Tricks with Cards, Matches, Money and Glasses
The Governmental Instructor, Or, a Brief and Comprehensive View of the Government of the United States, and of the State Governments: In Easy Lessons: Designed for the Use of Schools.
The Law of Mandamus and the Practice Connected with It: With an Appendix of Forms.
Thoughts on Secondary Punishments: In a Letter to Earl Grey.
Guilty or Not Guilty, Or, an Appeal to the People.
Notes of a Course of Lectures on Contracts: Delivered in the Law Department of the University of Pennsylvania.
An Appeal to the People of Rhode Island, in Behalf of the Constitution and the Laws.
Whitecross and the Bench: A Reminiscence of the Past / By the Author of Five Years' Penal Servitude.
Error Estimation and Adaptive Discretization Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics
The Different Systems of Penal Codes in Europe: Also, a Report on the Administrative Changes in France, Since the Revolution of 1848.
Life Cycle Assessment in Industry and Business: Adoption Patterns, Applications and Implications
Banking Privatisation in Europe: The Process and the Consequences on Strategies and Organisational Structures
Mathematical Visualization: Algorithms, Applications and Numerics
Quantum Phenomena in Clusters and Nanostructures
The FFT in the 21st Century: Eigenspace Processing
Mathematical Methods of Environmental Risk Modeling
Variations on a Theme of Euler: Quadratic Forms, Elliptic Curves, and Hopf Maps
Symmetry and Integration Methods for Differential Equations
A Tutor to Astronomy and Geography, Or, an Easie and Speedy Way to Know the Use of Both the Globes, Celestial and Terrestial [Sic] in Six Books ... More Fully and Amply Than Hath Been Set Forth (1699)
Youths Behaviour, Or, Decency in Conversation Amongst Men Composed in French by Grave Persons, for the Use and Benefit of Their Youth; Now Newly Turned Into English by Francis Hawkins (1668)
A New-Year's Gift for Dr. Birch: Or, a Mirror, Discovering the Different Opinions of Some Doctors in Relation to the Present Government, as Alid Down in the Following Sermons (1694)
The Unconstitutionality of Slavery.
Praxis Oratoria Vel Suadela Victrix Containing Some Select Orations (Both in Latin and English) Introducing One Another; To Each of Which Are Subjoyned Suitable Citations Out of Good Authors (1696)
Lectures on the Law of England. Volume 1 of 3
The Most Material Parts of Kent's Commentaries: Reduced to Questions and Answers.
Micromachined Mirrors
Globalization of Financial Markets: Causes of Incomplete Integration and Consequences for Economic Policy
Informal Venture Capital: Investors, Investments and Policy Issues in Finland
Institutional Conflicts and Complementarities: Monetary Policy and Wage Bargaining Institutions in EMU
The Behavioral and Welfare Analysis of Consumption: The Cost of Children, Equity and Poverty in Colombia
The 3M Model of Motivation and Personality: Theory and Empirical Applications to Consumer Behavior
The Correspondence and Public Papers of John Jay / Edited by Henry P. Johnston. Volume 1 of 4
The Rib Restored, Or, the Honour of Marriage a Sermon Preached in Dionis-Back Church, Occasioned by a Wedding the 5 Day of June, 1655 / By Richard Meggott. (1656)
Principles and Practice of Naval and Military Courts Martial: With an Appendix Illustrative of the Subject. Volume 1 of 2
A Synopsis of the Course of Lectures Annually Delivered in the Law Department of the University of Albany: To Enable Students to Index Their Manuscripts.
Taxation of Land Values and the Single Tax.
Personal History of Lord Bacon: From Unpublished Papers.
On Concussion of the Spine, Nervous Shock, and Other Obscure Injuries to the Nervous System in Their Clinical and Medico-Legal Aspects.
Considerations on the Punishment of Death.
Coarse Fishing - A Concise Look at the Equipment and Baits Used to Catch Coarse Fish and Where to Fish for Them - Also a Chapter on Cultivation of Coarse Fish
The 'New' Pewter Marks and Old Pewter Ware - Domestic and Ecclesiastical
Collecting Fungi - With Chapters on Identification and Methods of Collection
Mushroom Growing: Spawn - Containing Information on Spawn-Making and the Care of Running Spawn
A Dummy and I - Fantastic Scripts for Ventriloquists and Puppeteers
Duets for Everybody
The Lodge of Living Stones, No. 4957 - The Ceremony of Initiation - Analysis and Commentary
The Street of Business - Queen Street, Hespeler, Ontario
The Complete Ventriloquist - A Guide for Novices with Hints and Tips from Voice Coaching to Set Design
How to Become a Ventriloquist - Step by Step Guide to Ventriloquism From Vocal Exercises to Making the Doll
Vegetarian Recipes from South India - Like Mother Makes, 2nd Edition
A Proclamation of Vvarre from the Lord of Hosts. or Englands Warning by Israels Ruine Shewing the Miseries Like to Ensue Vpon Vs by Reason of Sinne and Securitie. (1627)
Pennsylvania: The German Influence in Its Settlement and Development. a Narrative and Critical History. Part V. the German Emigration from New York Province Into Pennsylvania
History of Fentress County, Tennessee
The Law and Practice of Distress and Replevin / By the Late Lord Chief Baron Gilbert.
Summaries of State Laws Relating to the Insane.
Oregon Laws Made Plain: Laws and Legal Forms Prepared for the Use of Farmers, Mechanics and Business Men.
Early Courts and Lawyers of Monmouth County Beginning at Its First Settlement, and Down to the Last Half Century: A Discourse Read Before the Monmouth Bar Association.
A Summary of the Law on Penal Convictions.
The Family; An Historical and Social Study.
The Law Relating to Private Trusts and Trustees.
Calendarium Pastorale, Sive, Aeglogae Duodecim Totidem Anni Mensibus Accomodatae / Anglic Olim Scriptae AB Edmundo Spensero; Nunc Autem Eleganti Latino Carmine Donatae a Theodoro Bathurst. (1653)
A Short Treatise on the Law Relating to Fraud and Misrepresentation.
Principles of British Constitutional Law: Being a Short Study of the Functions and Mutual Relations of the Executive, the Legislature, and the Judiciary.
A Treatise on the Powers and Duties of a Sheriff: According to the Law of North-Carolina.
It's a Piece of Cake or R.A.F. Slang Made Easy
The New Birth: Or, a Treatise of Regeneration Delivered in Certaine Sermons; And Now Published by William Whately, Preacher, and Minister of Banbury in Oxfordshire. (1635)
Horses and Heroes - The Story of the Horse in America for 450 Years
Breaking Nuisance Habits - Using the Quick, Easy Split-Second Dog Training Method
The History of Independency with the Rise, Growth, and Practices of That Powerfull and Restlesse Faction. (1648)
Nursing and Treatment of Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis
Christ in Believers the Hope of Glory Being the Substance of Several Sermons / Preached by John Brown. (1694)
The Work of the Interstate Commerce Commission.
Graecae Grammatices Rudimenta in Usum Scholae Westmonasteriensis. (1671)
Graecae Grammatices Rudimenta Usum Scholae Westmonasteriensis. (1663)
Commentary on the Workmen's Compensation ACT, 1897.
Vacation Thoughts on Capital Punishments.
A Handbook of the Parochial Ecclesiastical Law of Scotland.
An Account of the Nature, Causes, Symptoms, and Cure of the Distempers That Are Incident to Seafaring People with Observations on the Diet of the Sea-Men in His Majesty's Navy: By W.C. (1696)
Clavis Theologiae, Qua Patet Aditus Ad Ssae. Theologiae Adyta Quae Continent Thesaurum Summorum Capitum, Locorum Communium, Quaestionum Praecipuarum (1632)
The Compleat Constable Directing All Constables, Headboroughs, Tithingmen, Churchwardens, Overseers of the Poor, Surveyors of the Highways, and Scavengers, in the Duty of Their Several Offices (1700)
Pierce the Ploughmans Crede (1553)
Christiani Ravii Berlinatis Sesqui-Decuria Epistolarum Adoptivarum Ex Varijs Orbis Partibus Commissarum Circa Orientalium Studiorum Promovendorum Curam. (1648)
The Law of Unfair Business Competition: Including Chapters on Trade Secrets and Confidential Business Relations, Unfair Interference with Contracts ....
Inventors and Inventions.
English Society in the Eleventh Century: Essays in English Mediaeval History.
Zariskian Filtrations
Lectures on Morse Homology
Studyguide for Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis by Ragsdale, Cliff, ISBN 9780324656633
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Experiments and Notes about the Prodvcibleness of Chymicall Principles Being Parts of an Appendix, Design'd to Be Added to the Sceptical Chymist / By the Authour of That Booke. (1680)
Elementa Iurisprudentiae Definitionibus, Regulis, Sententiis Selectioribus Iuris Civilis Illustrata. Quibus Accessit Descriptio Iuris Iudicii Temporalis Secundum Consuetudines Feudales (1636)
An Account of Two Voyages to New-England Wherein You Have the Setting Out of a Ship, with the Charges, the Prices of All Necessaries for Furnishing a Planter (1675)
The Greate Herball Which Geueth Parfyte Knowledge and Vnderstandinge of Al Maner of Herbes, and Theyr Gracious Vertues, Whiche God Hath Ordeyned for Our Prosperous Welfare and Health (1561)
Soul on the Wind
Sherry and Narcotics
Minerva's Circle: Margaret Fuller's Women
Governance in the Commonwealth: Current Debates: An Overview of Current Debates
Complex Spaces in Finsler, Lagrange and Hamilton Geometries
Models of Economic Growth with Environmental Assets
Dynamics and Management of Reasoning Processes
Cellular Automata, Dynamical Systems and Neural Networks
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Studyguide for Contemporary Advertising by Arens, ISBN 9780073530031
de Non Temerandis Ecclesiis, (1646)
Merlini Anglici Ephemerius, Or, Astrological Judgments for the Year 1668 by William Lilly. (1668)
Merlini Anglici Ephemeris, Or, Astrological Judgments for the Year 1673 by William Lilly. (1673)
de Non Temerandis Ecclesiis (1676)
Pinax Rerum Naturalium Britannicarum Continens Vegetabilia, Animalia Et Fossilia: In Hac Insula Reperta Inchoatus / Authore Christophoro Merrett ... (1667)
Claudius Mauger's French Grammar with Additions. Enriched with New Words, and a New Method, and All the Improvements of That Famous Language, as It Is Now Flourishing in the Court of France. (1686)
Character, Liberty and Law: Kantian Essays in Theory and Practice
Stochastic Processes and Operator Calculus on Quantum Groups
Freud's Philosophy of the Unconscious
Semirings and their Applications
The English Rogue. Continued in the Life of Meriton Latroon and Other Extravagants, Comprehending the Most Eminent Cheats of Both Sexes. (1674)
Diatribae Duae Medico-Philosophicae Quarum Prior Agit de Fermentatione, Sive de Motu Intestino Particularum in Quovis Corpore: Altera de Febribus, Sive de Motu Earundem in Sanguine Animalium (1662)
Known to the Police.
A New Martyrology, Or, the Bloody Assizes Now Exactly Methodized in One Volume: Comprehending a Compleat History of the Lives, Actions, Trials, Sufferings, Dying Speeches, Letters (1689)
A Treatise of Repentance and of Fasting Especially of the Lent-Fast: In III Parts. (1686)
Keith Bain: The Principles of Movement
Cases on Taxation.
All This Intimacy
Some Damned Fool
Mitglieder Religi ser Sondergruppen Und Kulten - Eine Besondere Problemstellung in Der Beratungspraxis
Die Arten Des Arbeitsvertrages in Einer Kurzen Darstellung
Serviceorientierte Plattformen in Mittelstandischen Unternehmen
Alpha Males
Probleme Und L sungen Zur Semantischen Interoperabilit t
Philosophy Bridging the World Religions
Fully Chaotic Maps and Broken Time Symmetry
Perelman's New Rhetoric as Philosophy and Methodology for the Next Century
A Discourse of the Original, Countrey, Manners, Government and Religion of the Cossacks with Another of the Precopian Tartars: And the History of the Wars of the Cossacks Against Poland. (1672)
The Case of Ireland's Being Bound by Acts of Parliament in England Stated by William Molyneux. (1698)
The Doctrine of Baptism and the Disinction of the Covenants, Or, a Plain Treatise Wherein the Four Essentials of Baptism .... Are Diligently Handled as Also the Business of the Two Covenants (1654)
The Travels of Don Francisco de Quevedo Through Terra Australis Incognita Discovering the Laws, Customs, Manners and Fashions of the South Indians: A Novel, Originally in Spanish. (1684)
The Day of Grace in Which the Chief of Sinners May Be Turn'd and Healed / By Nathanael Vincent. (1669)
Asians and Pacific Islanders in Crisis: Living Without Health Insurance in Los Angeles
A L Ecole
Orffin' Around at the Magical Zoo: A Musical Revue for Voices and Orff Instruments
Au Concours D'Equitation
Vagues de
Formal Issues in Austronesian Linguistics
Trends in Nanoscale Mechanics: Analysis of Nanostructured Materials and Multi-Scale Modeling
The Mandarin VP
Supplement to Burn's Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer: From January, 1848 to January, 1849.
Japanese Phrase Structure Grammar: A Unification-based Approach
A Concise Manual of the Practice of the Court in Banc: With a Chapter on the Practice of the Court of Appeal.
The Law of Ecclesiastical Residences in Ireland.
The Diplomacy of the United States: Being an Account of the Foreign Relations of the Country, from the First Treaty with France, in 1778, to the Treaty of Ghent, in 1814, with Great Britain.
A Letter to the Common Council and Livery of the City of London, on the Abuses Existing in Newgate: Showing the Necessity of an Immediate Reform in the Management of That Prison.
A Practical Treatise on the Criminal Law: Comprising the Practice, Pleadings, and Evidence, Which Occur in the Course of Criminal Prosecutions ... Volume 2 of 3
A Digest of the Law of Scotland: With Special Reference to the Office and Duties of a Justice of the Peace. Volume 1 of 2
Gypsy Pentecostals
History of the Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Promulgation of the Constitution of the United States: ... with Illustrations. Volume 1 of 2
A Practical Treatise on the Revenue Laws of the United States.
Carleton on Parliamentary Elections in Ireland: Together with the Practice in Election Petitions and an Appendix of Statutes and Forms.
A Handy Book on the Law of Banker and Customer.
Life of Thomas, First Lord Denman, Formerly Lord Chief Justice of England. Volume 1 of 2
Studyguide for Finite Mathematics, Enhanced Review Edition by Waner, Stefan, ISBN 9780495384298
Studyguide for Fundamental Number Theory with Applications by Mollin, Richard A., ISBN 9781420066593
Early Bench and Bar of Illinois.
Studyguide for Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Research and Practice by Spector, Paul E., ISBN 9780471690993
Studyguide for College Algebra by Aufmann, Richard N., ISBN 9780618803712
Studyguide for Human Resource Information Systems: Basics, Applications, and Future Directions by (Editor), ISBN 9781412944564
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Studyguide for Strategic Staffing by Phillips, Jean M., ISBN 9780131586949
Studyguide for Management by Jr., ISBN 9780470294376
Studyguide for Management by Griffin, ISBN 9780618767953
Ontologies and Databases
Fuzzy Database Modeling with XML
Barley: Production, Improvement, and Uses
Photoelectrochemical Materials and Energy Conversion Processes
Recent Advances in Reinforcement Learning
Deglobalisierung Durch Komplementare Regionale Geldsysteme
Safety-Critical Real-Time Systems
Semistructured Database Design
[The Pryimer Set Furth] (1549)
A Discourse Vpon the Sabbath Day Wherin Are Handled These Particulares Ensuinge. 1. That the Lords Day Is Not Sabbath Day, by Divine Iustification. 2. an Exposition of the (1628)
Contracts and Combinations in Restraint of Trade.
An Essay on the State of England in Relation to Its Trade, Its Poor, and Its Taxes, for Carrying on the Present War Against France by John Cary, Merchant in Bristoll. (1695)
Letter to the Lord Chancellor on the Reform of the Law.
The Law of Judgments and Crown Debts, as They Affect Real Property.
Merlini Anglici Ephemeris, Or, Astrological Judgments for the Year 1666 by William Lilly. (1666)
Games, Gaming and Gamesters' Law.
The Fundamental Law of American Constitutions. Volume 2 of 3
Aulus Persius Flaccus His Satires Translated Into English, by Barten Holyday MR of Arts, and Student of Christ-Church in Oxford (1616)
Heat Convection in Micro Ducts
Active Glass for Photonic Devices: Photoinduced Structures and Their Application
Unsaturated Soil Concepts and Their Application in Geotechnical Practice
Mars' Magnetism and Its Interaction with the Solar Wind
Simulation Approaches in Transportation Analysis: Recent Advances and Challenges
Self and Identity in Modern Psychology and Indian Thought
The Legal Property Relations of Married Parties: A Study in Comparative Legislation.
Models for Discrete Longitudinal Data
On the Rise and Growth of the Law of Nations: As Established by General Usage and by Treaties, from the Earliest Time to the Treaty of Utrecht.
The Law of Principal and Surety.
A Guide to the Income Tax Acts for the Use of the English Income Tax Payer.
Studies in Comparative Jurisprudence and the Conflict of Laws.
Notes on the Code: A Short Commentary on the New York Code of Civil Procedure with Leading Cases.
The Practice of the Probate Courts of New Jersey: Together with Forms of Proceedings Therein: Also Rules of the Prerogative Court and of the Orphans' Courts.
Justi Lipsii de Constantia Libri Duo Qui Alloquium Praecipue Continent in Publicis Malis. (1670)
Eisagoge, Sive, Introductorium Anglo-Latino-Graecum Complectens Colloquia Familiaria, Aesopi Fabulas Et Luciani Selectiores Mortuorum Dialogos / In Usum Scholarum Per J. Sh. (1656)
The Latine Grammar of P. Ramus Translated Into English; Whereunto Is Joyned, for the More Easie Understanding of the Rules Herein Conteyned, a Grammatical Analysis Uppon an Epistle of Tullie. (1585)
The History of the Chaldaick Philosophy by Thomas Stanley. (1662)
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Generalizability Theory
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Precedents in Conveyancing: A Collection of Forms of Assurances of Real and Personal Property Adapted to the Present State of the Law ... Volume 4 of 4
Jeremy Bentham, His Life and Work.
The Elements of Pleas in Equity: With Precedents of Such Pleas.
The Principles of the General Law of Mortgages.
An Essay on the Law of Patents for New Inventions.
A Spiritual and Most Precious Perle Teachynge All Men to Loue and Imbrace Ye Crosse, as a Most Swete and Necessarye Thinge Vnto the Soule: What Comfort Is to Be Taken Thereof (1555)
Cryogenic Mixed Refrigerant Processes
Whytthyntoni Editio Declinationes Nominum Tam Latinorum Quam Grecorum, Patronymicorum Et Barbarorum E Prisciano Sipontino Sulpitio (1512)
Several Letters from the Lord Generall Monck, Commander in Chief of the Forces in Scotland ... to Mr. Speaker, to the Lord Fleetwood, to the Lord Lambert. (1660)
Cuban Studies 41
The Exploitation of Plant Resources in Ancient Africa
Health Care Systems: Efficiency and Policy Settings
Model Selection and Multimodel Inference: A Practical Information-Theoretic Approach
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The Law of Municipal Corporations. Volume 2 of 2
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The Writ of Restitution by the Lady Eleanor. (1648)
Studyguide for Microeconomics and Behavior by Frank, Robert H., ISBN 9780073375731
A Discourse Concerning Militia's and Standing Armies with Relation to the Past and Present Governments of Europe and of England in Particular. (1697)
A Sermon Preached Before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Court of Alderman, at St. Bride's Church, on Wednesday in Easter-Week, April 11th. 1694 by John Hartcliffe ... (1694)
Un Ami Formidable
Aulus Persius Flaccus His Satyres Translated Into English by Barten Holyday ...; And Now by Him Reviewed and Amended. (1635)
A Collection of Some Memorable and Weighty Transactions in Parliament in the Year 1678 and Afterwards in Relations to the Impeachment of Thomas, Earl of Danby. (1695)
[Two Notable Sermons Made by That Woorthie Martyr of Christe, Maister Iohn Bradford, the One of Repentaunce, and the Other of the Lords Supper] (1581)
Parrots of the World: A Field Guide
The Scornfull Lady a Comedy, as It Is Now Acted at the Theatre Royal, by Their Majesty's Company of Comedians / Written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher. (1695)
Poems by J.D.; Vvith Elegies on the Authors Death. (1639)
A Direction for the Gouernment of the Tongue According to Gods Word (1638)
Frederic Crowninshield: A Renaissance Man in the Gilded Age
Perturbation Methods in Applied Mathematics
Haar Series and Linear Operators
Fuzzy Logic: Mathematical Tools for Approximate Reasoning
Cooperative Agents: Applications in the Social Sciences
Dynamics of Complex Interacting Systems
Natural Law and the Possibility of a Global Ethics
Sermons Preach'd Upon Several Occasions. by George Stanhope, D.D. Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty. Never Before Published. (1700)
The Christen State of Matrymonye Wherein Housebandes and Wyues Maye Lerne to Kepe House Together Wyth Loue. the Original of Holy Wedlok (1552)
The Rule of Reason, Conteinyng the Arte of Logike. Sette Foorthe in Englishe, and Newlie Corrected by Thomas Wilson. Anno Domini. M.D.Lxiij. Mens. Aprilis (1563)
The Problems of Aristotle with Other Philosophers and Physitians: Wherein Are Contained Divers Questions, with Their Answers, Touching the Estate of Mans Body. (1638)
The Court and Character of King James Written and Taken by Sir a: W Being an Eye, and Eare Witnesse. Published by Authority. (1650)
The Rule of Reason, Contayning the Arte of Logike. Set Forth in English, and Newly Corrected by Thomas Wilson (1584)
Continuous Martingales and Brownian Motion
Arrangements of Hyperplanes
Role of Proteases in the Pathophysiology of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Geometry of Algebraic Curves: Volume I
Computational Methods for Flow and Transport in Porous Media
The Method of Volume Averaging
Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers: Concepts, Methods and Practices
Reducing the Cost of Spacecraft Ground Systems and Operations
Tools and Modes of Representation in the Laboratory Sciences
Floating, Flowing, Flying: Pieter J. Zandbergen's Life as Innovator, Inspirator and Instigator in Numerical Fluid Dynamics
Integrated Governance and Water Basin Management: Conditions for Regime Change and Sustainability
Natural Hazards: State-of-the-Art at the End of the Second Millennium
The Penal Statutes of Massachusetts.
The Law of the Road, Or, Wrongs and Rights of a Traveller.
The Scottish Poor Laws: Their History, Policy and Operation.
Leaves from the Diary of an Old Lawyer: Intemperance, the Great Source of Crime.
Efficient Parsing for Natural Language: A Fast Algorithm for Practical Systems
Bankruptcy Reform: In a Series of Letters Addressed to Sir Robert Peel, Bart..
A Practical Guide to Company Law as Amended by the Companies ACT, 1900: With Forms.
A Selection of Cases on the Law of Carriers.
The Practice of the High Court of Admiralty of England: Also the Practice of the Judicial Committee of Her Majesty's Most Honorable Privy Council in Admiralty Appeals: With Forms and Bills of Costs.
Appendix to the Doctrine of Life-Annuities and Assurances: Containing a Paper Read Before the Royal Society, on a New Method of Calculating the Value of Life-Annuities.
Debtors' Exemption in Pennsylvania.
The Law of Copyright in Works of Literature and Art and in the Application of Designs: With the Statutes Relating Thereto.
Partnership and Companies: A Manual of Practical Law.
Copyright, Patents, Designs, Trade Marks, Etc.: A Manual of Practical Law.
Absalon Et Achitophel Carmine Latino Heroico. (1682)
An Account of the Publick Affairs in Ireland, Since the Discovery of the Late Plot (1679)
A Disclosing of the Great Bull and Certain Calues That He Hath Gotten, and Specially the Monster Bull That Roared at My Lord Byshops Gate. (1570)
A Sermon Preached at the Funeral of Mr. Joseph Aleine by George Newton ... (1672)
Stream Data Management
Automated Multi-Camera Surveillance: Algorithms and Practice
Nearest Neighbor Search:: A Database Perspective
Mining Sequential Patterns from Large Data Sets
Alternative Breast Imaging: Four Model-Based Approaches
Global Initiatives to Secure Cyberspace: An Emerging Landscape
Duration Calculus: A Formal Approach to Real-Time Systems
Arithmeticall Questions Touching the Buying or Exchange of Annuities; Taking of Leases for Fines, or Yearly Rent; Purchase of Fee-Simples; Dealing for Present or Future Possessions (1613)
A Treatise Tending Vnto a Declaration, Whether a Man Be in the Estate of Damnation, or in the Estate of Grace and If He Be in the First, How He May in Time Come Out of It (1595)
Lectiones Geometricae in Quibus (Praefertim) Generalia Curvarum Linearum Symptomata Declarantur / Auctore Isaaco Barrow. (1672)
Our Sheep and the Tariff.
The Optick Glasse of Humors or the Touchstone of a Golden Temperature, or the Philosophers Stone to Make a Golden Temper Wherein the Foure Complections Sanguine, Cholericke, Phligmaticke (1639)
Secession and Slavery, Or, the Constitutional Duty of Congress to Give the Elective Franchise and Freedom to All Loyal Persons: In Response to the Act of Secession.
A Collection of Acts of Parliament, Relative to County and Borough Elections, in Ireland and Scotland: With References to Several Reported Cases, Containing the Determinations of the House of Commons.
The Statute Law of Ecclesiastical Leases in Ireland, and Purchases Under the Church Temporalities' Acts.
Imagined Cities
Captain Britain Volume 2: Siege Of Camelot
Gods' Preeminent Stance Vol 3
Hearts Reunited
The Alpine Tales
Can Do: A Collection of Inspirational Quotes for Teens and Young Adults
Surface Analysis Methods in Materials Science
A Logical Approach to Discrete Math
Computer Speech: Recognition, Compression, Synthesis
Iain Sinclair
Etudes de L'Ocde Sur Les Politiques de Sante Ameliorer L'Efficacite Du Secteur de la Sante: Le Role Des Technologies de L'Information Et Des Communications
The Dictionary of Early Judaism
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The American Government, National and State.
Farm Law: A Treatise on the Legal Rights and Liabilities of Farmers: Adapted to the Statutes of All the States.
Estudios Sobre La Constitucion de Los Estados-Unidos: Traduccion de Joaquin Guichot. Volume 2 of 2
A Municipal History of the Town and City of Boston During Two Centuries: From September 17, 1630, to September 17, 1830.
Law of Assignments of Life Policies.
Estudios Sobre La Constitucion de Los Estados-Unidos: Traduccion de Joaquin Guichot. Volume 1 of 2
Addresses on the Civil Sabbath from a Patriotic and Humanitarian Standpoint: With Appendix Containing Sabbath Laws of All the States, Judicial Decisions, Replies to Seventh-Day Adventists, Etc.
The Law of Wills as Administered in the Court of Probate in England.
The Law of Taxation in Louisiana: A Treatise on the Assessment and Collection of Taxes and Licenses, State, Parish, Municipal and Local.
Remarks of Mr. Webster in the Senate of the United States, May 9, 1828, on the Tariff Bill
An Introduction to Equity Jurisprudence: On the Basis of Story's Commentaries, with Notes and References to English and American Cases, Adapted to the Use of Students.
A Manual of the Law of Landlord and Tenant / By Horace Smith and Thomas Spooner Soden.
Free Trade Folly.
Itty's and Charlie's Show and Tell
The Usefulness of Church-Musick a Sermon Preach'd at Christ-Church, Novemb. 27, 1696, Upon Occasion of the Anniversary-Meeting of the Lovers of Musick, on St. Caecilia's Day / By S. Estwick ... (1696)
A Reply to the Defence of the Bank Setting Forth the Unreasonableness of Their Slow Payments. to Which Is Added, 1. the Mischiefs That Attend the Buying and Selling Bank-Notes (1696)
Some Brief Remarks on a Paper Printed and Annexed to the Narrative of the Proceedings of the Elders and Messengers of the Baptized Churches of Christ (1692)
An Easter Sunday for Anastasia Rose
The Papists Detected, and the Jesuits Subtill Practises to Ruine and Subvert the Nation, Discovered and Laid Open Microform / By an Impartial Hand. (1678)
Personal Recognizance: Sime Gen, Book Nine / The Story Untold and Other Sime Gen Stories: Sime Gen, Book Ten (Wildside Double #14)
The Miracle of America: Birth of a Nation
The Sand Bunker Murders
Alfred the Dragon
I Keep Finding Eggs in My Shoes!
Show Business Is Faux Business
Merlini Anglici Ephemeris, or Astrological Judgments for the Year 1670. by William Lilly Student in Astrology (1670)
The Booke of Psalmes, Collected Into English Meeter, by Thomas Sternhold, Iohn Hopkins and Others: Conferred with the Hebrew, with Apt Notes to Sing Them Withall. (1636)
The Academy of Complements Wherein Ladies, Gentlewomen, Schollers, and Strangers May Accommodate Their Courtly Practice with Gentile Ceremonies, Complementall Amorous High Expressions (1664)
Geographical Information Systems in Assessing Natural Hazards
The Existential Phenomenology of Simone de Beauvoir
The Truth of Christian Religion in Six Books / Written in Latin by Hugo Grotius; And Now Translated Into English with the Addition of a Seventh Book by Symon Patrick. (1683)
Immunological Aspects of Neoplasia - The Role of the Thymus
Equine MRI
Ordered Sets
Heinrich Caro and the Creation of Modern Chemical Industry
Percolation Models for Transport in Porous Media: With Applications to Reservoir Engineering
Three-Dimensional Image Reconstruction in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
Migrations of Fines in Porous Media
Agent-Based Manufacturing: Advances in the Holonic Approach
Radio Interface System Planning for GSM/GPRS/UMTS
Thermoelastic Deformations
Cosserat Theories: Shells, Rods and Points
Multi-objective Forest Planning
Smectymnuus Redivivus Being an Answer to a Book, Intituled an Humble Remonstrance in Which the Original of Liturgy Episcopacy Is Discussed and Queries Propounded Concerning Both. (1661)
A Sermon Preached at the Funeral of the Right Honble the Lady Frances Paget, the Religious Consort of the Right Honble William Lord Paget (1673)
Cain's Mark and Murder, K. Charls the I His Martyrdom Delivered in a Sermon on January the Thirtieth / By David Jenner, B.D. ... (1681)
The Old Door Knockers of Norwich - An Alphabetical List of 45 Door Knockers and Sanctuary Knockers in the City of Norwich and Its Most Ancient Suburbs
Thin Places: A Pilgrimage Home
Life at the Zoo - Notes and Traditions of the Regent's Park Gardens
A Practical Handbook on Pen-Painting
The True Catholicks Tenure, Or, a Good Christians Certainty Which He Ought to Have of His Religion, and May Have of His Salvation by Edvvard Hyde ... (1662)
Euphues. the Anatomy of Vvit Very Pleasant for All Gentlemen to Reade, and Most Necessary to Remember. Wherein Are Conteined the Delightes That Wit Followeth in His Youth (1579)
Victorian Toadstools and Mushrooms - A Key and Descriptive Notes to 120 Different Gilled Fungi, With Remarks on Several Other Families of the Higher Fungi
English Local Government from the Revolution to the Municipal Corporations ACT: The Manor and the Borough. Volume 2 of 2
Giant Magneto-Resistance Devices
Theology within the Bounds of Language: A Methodological Tour
Calibration and Orientation of Cameras in Computer Vision
Why the World Economy Needs a Financial Crash and Other Critical Essays on Finance and Financial Economics
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Three-Dimensional Elastic Bodies in Rolling Contact
Design-Oriented Analysis of Structures: A Unified Approach
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Incidental Echoes: The Minority Report Examined.
An Outline of Contract: Designed as a First Work for Students.
Life in Sing Sing State Prison: As Seen in a Twelve Years' Chaplaincy.
A Treatise of the Law of Descents.
The Law of Bills, Notes, and Cheques.
A Handbook of the Law of Defamation and Verbal Injury.
Function Spaces and Potential Theory
Substance of Mr. Van Buren's Observations: On Mr. Foot's Amendment to the Rules of the Senate, by Which It Was Proposed to Give the Vice-President the
Laser Physics at Relativistic Intensities
Plasma Physics: Basic Theory with Fusion Applications
Nuclear Medicine in the Management of Inflammatory and Infectious Diseases
Studyguide for Introduction to Number Theory by Erickson, Martin, ISBN 9781584889373
Geometric Inequalities
From Exclusion to Inclusion
Convex Analysis and Minimization Algorithms II: Advanced Theory and Bundle Methods
Abigail Cottage
A Gift of Words
Formation of the Union, 1750-1829.
Wa the Life of Soaring Legend Wally Scott
Sir Thomas Overbury His Wife. with Additions of New Characters, and Many Other Witty Conceits Never Before Printed. (1655)
American Eloquence: Studies in American Political History / Edited, with Introductions, by Alexander Johnston; Re-Edited, with Historical and Textual Notes. Volume 3 of 4
Irish Fisheries: Digest of the Principal Sections in the Acts of Parliament Relating to the Irish Fisheries: With Appendices.
A Brief Exposition of the Church-Catechism with Proofs from Scripture. by John Lord Bishop of Chichester, Late Rector of St. Mildred's Poultrey, and St. Mary-Cole, London. (1700)
American Eloquence: Studies in American Political History / Edited, with Introductions, by Alexander Johnston; Re-Edited, with Historical and Textual Notes. Volume 1 of 4
Outline Study of Law.
The Roman History of Lucius J. Florus Made English; Beginning with the Life and Reign of Romulus, the First King of the Romans; And Divided Into Four Books. (1676)
Mr. Wingate's Arithmetick Containing a Plain and Familiar Method for Attaining the Knowledge and Practice of Common Arithmetick / First Composed by Edmund Wingate (1689)
Mr. Wingate's Arithmetick Containing a Plain and Familiar Method for Attaining the Knowledge and Practice of Common Arithmetick. (1670)
The Lives of John Selden, Esq., and Archbishop Usher: With Notices of the Principal English Men of Letters with Whom They Were Connected.
A Selection from the Correspondence of Abraham Hayward, Q.C., from 1834 to 1884: With an Account of His Early Life / Edited by Henry E. Carlisle. Volume 2 of 2
The Academy of Complements Wherein Ladies, Gentlewomen, Schollers, and Strangers May Accommodate Their Courtly Practice with Gentile Ceremonies, Complementall Amorous High Expressions (1646)
Matthew Williamson
Gaming in Libraries
Baltimore and the Nineteenth of April 1861: A Study of the War.
The Politics of Judicial Independence: Courts, Politics, and the Public
Origin, Organization and Opening Addresses of the International Prison Congress: January 1, 1873.
Colonial Liquor Laws: Part II. of Liquor Laws of the United States; Their Spirit and Effect.
Considerations on the Charitable Trusts Bill: In a Letter Addressed the Right Hon. Lord Cottenham, with a Copy of the Bill.
A Collection of Old English Customs and Curious Bequests and Charities: Extracted from the Reports Made by the Commissioners for Enquiring Into Charities in England and Wales.
The Liquor Law in the New England States.
The Church as It Is, Or, the Forlorn Hope of Slavery.
The Destructive Influence of the Tariff Upon Manufacture and Commerce and the Figures and Facts Relating Thereto.
Noncommunicable Disease Risk Factors and Socioeconomic Inequalities - What Are the Links?: A Multicountry Analysis of Noncommunicable Disease Surveillance Data
Private-Public Alliances for Export Development: The Korean Case
Telling Images: Chaucer and the Imagery of Narrative II
The Teacher of Picture Frame Finishing
Clever Coin Tricks - Coin Tricks with Sleight of Hand or Apparatus
Prize Law: Particularly with Reference to the Duties and Obligations of Belligerents and Neutrals: Translated from the Russian, by Frederic Thomas Pratt.
Diuine Poems Containing the History of [Brace] Jonah, Ester, Job, Samson: Sions [Brace] Sonets, Elegies / Written and Newly Augmented by Fra. Quarles. (1638)
England Speaks
Mysterious Magic - Tales, Tricks and Illusions from the Golden Age of Magic
Witt Against Wisdom, Or, a Panegyrick Upon Folly Penn'd in Latin by Desiderius Erasmus; Render'd Into English. (1683)
Touch Football
Six-Man Football
The Mystery of General Redemption by the Lady Eleanor. (1647)
A Sermon Preached Before the Queen at White-Hall, February the Fifteenth, 1690/1 by Henry Dove .... (1691)
The Triall of Mr. John Gibbons, in Westminster-Hall, Before the High-Court of Justice, Beginning July 18. 1651 (1652)
The Twelve Pagan Principles, or Opinions, for Which Thomas Hicks Hath Published the Quaker to Be No Christian Seriously Considered, and Presented to Mr. N.L. Citizen of London by W.L. (1674)
A Discourse of Pluralities (with the Appendant Non-Residence) Evincing the Great Evil and Necessary Duty of Forsaking Them by Him That Would Approve Himself a Faithful Minister of God. (1680)
Costituzione Degli Stati Uniti Dell'america Settentrionale., La
American State Constitutions: A Study of Their Growth.
Louisiana Election and Southern Election Outrages: Speech of Hon. William E. Chandler, of New Hampshire, in the United States Senate, August 23 and 24, 1888.
The Norwegian Company System: Why Massachusetts Should Adapt and Test It.
A Treatise on the Law of Purchasers and Vendors of Personal Property: Considered Chiefly with a View to Mercantile Transactions.
A Concise Treatise Upon the Powers and Duties of the Principal State, County, and Town Officers: For the Use of Schools.
The Condition of Affairs in Indian Territory and California: A Report.
Suburban Beijing: Housing and Consumption in Contemporary China
The Constitution Not a Compact Between Sovereign States: A Speech.
Food Safety Culture: Creating a Behavior-Based Food Safety Management System
Trouble in Mind: An Unorthodox Introduction to Psychiatry
The Collector's Handbook to Ceramics of the Renaissance and Modern Periods - Selected From His Larger Work, Entitled 'The Ceramic Gallery'
The Countrywoman's Year
Farthest From Railways: An Unknown Corner of Devon
The Sixty Best Humorous Recitations
A Beginners Guide to Reading Tarot Cards - A Helpful Guide for Anybody with an Interest in Reading Cards
The Teacher of Geometrical Drawing - For High Schools, Manual Training Schools, Technical Schools, Etc
How to Mix and Use Paints and Colours - For the House, For Home Decoration and for the Artist
The Modern Flower Garden 1. Roses - With Chapters on Types and Cultivation of Roses
How to Calculate Quickly and Correctly - A Book for All Who Wish to Become Quick at Figures
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Search and Rescue: The Life and Love That Is Looking for You
White Lies and Dark Truths
Master Your Jealousy Before It Destroys Your Relationship - For Men: Key Tactics to Tackle Your Unwanted Jealousy, Insecurities and Controlling Patterns
Big Ole Piece of Cake
Applications in Operational Culture: Perspectives from the Field
Structuring the Lexicon: A Clustered Model for Near-Synonymy
Application of Information and Communication Technologies for Health Systems in Belgium, Denmark, Spain, the United Kingdom and Sweden
The Effects of Urbanization on Groundwater: An Engineering Case-Based Approach for Sustainable Development
Reform in CEE-Countries with Regard to European Enlargement: Institution Building and Public Administration Reform in the Environmental Sector
Constituent Syntax: Quantification, Numerals, Possession, Anaphora
Legal Risk in the Financial Markets
Principles and Practice of Pharmaceutical Medicine
The English Gardener, Or, a Sure Guide to Young Planters and Gardeners in Three Parts ... / By Leonard Meager ... (1683)
The Optick Glasse of Humors. or the Touchstone of a Golden Temperature, or the Philosophers Stone to Make a Golden Temper Wherein the Foure Complections Sanguine, Cholericke, Phlegmaticke (1607)
Histories, Novels, and Translations, Written by the Most Ingenious Mrs. Behn; The Second Volume, the Greatest Part Never Before Printed ... (1700)
A Discourse Concerning the Nature, Power, and Proper Effects of the Present Conventions in Both Kingdoms Called by the Prince of Orange in a Letter to a Friend. (1689)
Rich Storehouse, Or, Treasurie for the Diseased Wherein Are Many Approued Medicines for Diuers and Sundry Diseases, Which Haue Bin Long Hidden, and Not Come to Light Before This Time (1607)
More Radiant Signal
Twelve Lectures on Architecture: Algorithmic Sustainable Design: Notes from a Series of 12 Lectures Applying Cutting-Edge Mathematical Techniques to Architectural and Urban Design
Small Business Owners Survival Guide: A Step by Step Guide to Starting and Improving Your Business
Solo Usa Esta Mente: Dejate Guiar Por La Verdad Universal Hacia Unidad De La Mente, El Cuerpo Y El Espiritu
The Fast Track to Sales Success: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed in Sales
One Hot January
The Evolutionary Biology Papers of Elie Metchnikoff
Meanest Foundations and Nobler Superstructures: Hooke, Newton and the Compounding of the Celestiall Motions of the Planetts
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Studyguide for the Practice of Public Relations by Seitel, Fraser P, ISBN 9780136088905
Studyguide for College Mathematics by Barnett, ISBN 9780536421920
The Critter and Other Dogs
The Pamphlet Entituled, Speculum Ecclesiasticum, Or, an Ecclestiastical Prospective-Glass, Considered, in Its False Reasonings and Quotations (1688)
Studyguide for the Complete Guide to Executive Compensation by Ellig, Bruce, ISBN 9780071474078
Raising Game Birds
Studyguide for Multivariable Calculus by Edwards, C. Henry, ISBN 9780130339676
A Letter Written to the Jewes by Rabbi Moses Scialitti, a Jew of Florence Baptized June 14. 1663.; Delaring the Reasons of His Conversion, and Exhorting Them to Embrace the Christian Faith. (1663)
Wastewater Treatment: Biological and Chemical Processes
Studyguide for Marketing Essentials in Hospitality and Tourism by Shoemaker, Stowe, ISBN 9780131708273
Multidimensional Filter Banks and Wavelets: Basic Theory and Cosine Modulated Filter Banks
SiC Power Materials: Devices and Applications
Urban Land: Degradation - Investigation - Remediation
War Taxation: Some Comments and Letters.
Village Politics: Addresses and Sermons on the Labour Question.
Accidental Means: A Brief on the Insuring Clause of Personal Accident Policies.
Sintaxis Roberti Vvhitintoni Lichfeldiensis in Florentissima Oxoniensi Academia Laureati Opusculum (1524)
The Dialogue in English Between a Doctor of Divinity and a Student in the Laws of England (1660)
The Liberty and Free Soil Parties in the Northwest.
State Railroad Control: With a History of Its Development in Iowa: With an Introduction by Henry C. Adams.
The Principles of Commerce and Commercial Law: Explained in a Course of Lectures.
A Valuta-Kerdes AZ Eszak-Amerikai Egyesuelt-Allamokban.
The New York City Ring : Its Origin, Maturity and Fall: Discussed in a Reply to the New York Times.
Oddities of the Law.
The Legal Classic, Or, Young American's First Book of Rights and Duties: Designed for Schools and Private Students.
The Farmer's Instructor, Or, Every Man His Own Lawyer / Compiled by a Gentleman of the Bar.
Designing Ubiquitous Information Environments: Socio-Technical Issues and Challenges: IFIP TC8 WG 8.2 International Working Conference, August 1-3, 2005, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
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The United States: Their Constitution and Power.
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The Most Wonderful and Pleasaunt History of Titus and Gisippus Whereby Is Fully Declared the Figure of Perfect Frendshyp, Drawen Into English Metre. by Edwarde Lewicke. Anno. 1562. (1562)
A Sermon Preached Before the King, Febr. 25th, 1675/6 by John Tillotson ... (1676)
Studyguide for Valuation by Titman, Sheridan, ISBN 9780136117018
Phragellion an Essay Against Simony. Tending to Shew the Impiety and Deserved Punishment of Those Who Make the House of God an House of Merchandice. Imprimatur. Sept. 28. 1694. Ra. Barker. (1694)
Letter Boxes
Studyguide for Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making by Kimmel, Paul D., ISBN 9780470418239
21st Century: Art in the First Decade
Looking in on Lockdown: A Private Diary for the Public
Eiyu No Sho
Cong Qian Cong Qian Tian Hen AI
The Philosophical Baby: What Childrens Minds Tell Us about Truth, Love, and the Meaning of Life
A Struggle for Life in the Mountain
The Hunns Mere Way: The Untold Story of Woodingdean
Information and Communication Technologies in the Health Sector: Opportunities and Challenges for the Reduction of Inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean
Methods for Constructing Exact Solutions of Partial Differential Equations: Mathematical and Analytical Techniques with Applications to Engineering
Theory of Stochastic Differential Equations with Jumps and Applications: Mathematical and Analytical Techniques with Applications to Engineering
Low-Voltage CMOS Log Companding Analog Design
Capacity Building in National Environmental Policy: A Comparative Study of 17 Countries
A Discovery of New Worlds from the French, Made English by A. Behn. (1688)
The Interpretation of Dreams Digested Into Five Books by That Ancient and Excellent Philosopher, Artemidorus / Compiled by Him in Greek and Translated Afterward Into the Latine (1690)
Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration: Featuring the Very Best in Ethical Fashion Design
The Illustrious History of Women, Or, a Compendium of the Many Virtues That Adorn the Fair Sex Represented Not Only in Lively and Pathetical Discourses Grounded Upon Reason (1686)
Christian Directions Shewing How to Walk with God All the Day Long. by Tho. Gouge, Minister of the Gospel. (1684)
The Wise Virgin: Or, a Wonderfull Narration of the Various Dispensations of God Towards a Childe of Eleven Years of Age Wherein as His Severity Hath Appeared in Afflicting (1656)
Mining Royalties: Their Practical Operation and Effect.
The History of Harvard University. Volume 1 of 2
Handbook of Admiralty Law.
Astounding Disclosures!: Three Years in a Mad-House / By a Victim; Written by Himself.
A Concise Legal History / By Edgar Hammond..
The Law of Inferior Courts for the Recovery of Debts.
Articles, Wherevpon It Was Agreed by the Archbishoppes and Bishops of Both the Prouinces and the Whole Cleargie, in the Conuocation Holden at London in the Yere of Our Lord God M.D.Lxij (1564)
Anno Regni Caroli Regis Angliae, Scotiae, Franciae, Hiberniae Decimo Septimo at the Parliament Begun at Westminster the Third Day of November, An. D. 1640 (1643)
The Duty of the Rich, in a Sermon Preached Before the Lord Mayor, and Court of Alderman and Citizens of London at S. Sepulchres Church, on Easter-Tuesday, April 22d. 1690 by Richard Kidder ... (1690)
Crums of Comfort for the Mournful Babe of Hope from One That Condoleth the Distresse of the Daughter of Sion ... (1664)
Argalus and Parthenia Written by Fra. Quarles. (1654)
An Essay on the Law of Patents for New Inventions: With an Appendix, Containing the French Patent Law, Forms &C..
Crime in England: Its Relation, Character, and Extent, as Developed from 1801 to 1848.
Sacra Nemesis, the Levites Scourge, Or, Mercurius Britan. Civicus Disciplin'd Also Diverse Remarkable Disputes and Resolvs in the Assembly of Divines Related (1644)
An Essay on the Practice of Duelling, as It Exists in Modern Society: Occasioned by the Late Lamentable Occurrence Near Philadelphia.
Judicial Tenure in the United States: With Especial Reference to the Tenure of Federal Judges.
Dynamic Assessment, Intelligence and Measurement
The Condition of Labor: An Open Letter to Pope Leo XIII: With Encyclical Letter of Pope Leo XIII on the Condition of Labor.
The Works of the Right Honorable Edmund Burke Volume 7 of 12
Revolutions of Geometry Book and Solutions Set
Contemporary Diplomacy
Historical Fiction for Teens: A Genre Guide
Words Made Visible, Or, Grammar and Rhetorick Accommodated to the Lives and Manners of Men Represented in a Country School for the Entertainment and Edification of the Spectators. (1679)
Ovid's Heroical Epistles. Englished by W.S. This May Be Reprinted, R.L.S. (1695)
Tricoenivm Christi in Nocte Proditionis Suae the Threefold Svpper of Christ in the Night That He Vvas Betrayed / Explained by Edvvard Kellett. (1641)
The Second Part of the Minister of State Written by Monsieur de Silhon, Secretary to the Late Cardinal Richelieu. Englished by H. H. (1663)
A Vvarning-Piece for the Slumbring Virgins, Or, an Alarm to the Friends of the Bridegroom in Some Awakening Meditations Upon Christ's Own Watch-Word, Matth. 26. 41. (1657)
Measurement of Law School Work. [Part 1].
Concise Forms of Wills with Practical Notes / By W. Hayes and T. Jarman.
The Lord Chancellors of Scotland: From the Institution of the Office to the Treaty of Union. Volume 2 of 2
Roger Ludlow, the Colonial Lawmaker.
The Heroycall Epistles of the Learned Poet Publius Ouidius Naso, in English Verse Set Out and Translated by George Turberuile ...; With Aulus Sabinus Answeres to Certaine of the Same. (1600)
Water in Confining Geometries
Waveguide Nonlinear-Optic Devices
A Reformation of a Catholike Deformed: By M. W. Perkins Wherein the Chiefe Controuersies in Religion, Are Methodically, and Learnedly Handled. Made by D. B. P. the Former Part. (1604)
Nonlinear Photonics: Nonlinearities in Optics, Optoelectronics and Fiber Communications
Reframing Disease Contextually
Colouring Textiles: A History of Natural Dyestuffs in Industrial Europe
The Reception of the Galilean Science of Motion in Seventeenth-Century Europe
Self-Assembled Structures: Properties and Applications in Solution and on Surfaces
Energy 2050: Making the Transition to a Secure Low-Carbon Energy System
The Concept of Scientific Law in the Philosophy of Science and Epistemology: A Study of Theoretical Reason
Renal Anemia: Conflicts and Controversies
Quality-of-Life Research on Children and Adolescents
Social Change, Gender and Violence: Post-communist and war affected societies
Improving Prognosis for Kidney Disorders
The Economics of Special Privilege and Rent Seeking
The Second Part of Absalom and Achitophel a Poem. (1682)
What was Mechanical about Mechanics: The Concept of Force between Metaphysics and Mechanics from Newton to Lagrange
A Discourse of the Necessity of Revelation and an Holy Life Deliver'd in a Visitation-Sermon at Guilford, October 7, 1697 / By William Whitfeld. (1698)
The Case of the Dutchess of Albemarle and Christopher Monke, Esquire, Appellants, Against the Earl of Bath, and Others, Respondents (1694)
A Sermon Preached at the Funeral of Mr. James Lordel Who Was Buried at St. Magnus Church March 27, 1694 by Lilly Butler. (1694)
del Gobierno y Jurisprudencia Constitucional de Los Estados Unidos: Traducido Al Castellano de La 10a Edicion Por Alejandro Carrasco Albano.
The Fixed Saint Held Forth in a Farwell Sermon Preached at All-Hallowes-Lumbard-Street August the 17. 1662 by Mr. Thomas Lye. (1662)
On Civil Liberty and Self-Government. Volume 1 of 2
The Law of Apportionment.
A Treatise on the Law of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States.
A Treatise on the Right of Property in Tide Waters and in the Soil and Shores Thereof: To Which Is Added an Appendix Containing the Principal Adjudged Cases.
The Contract of Sale in the Civil Law: With References to the Laws of England, Scotland and France.
A Poem Attempting Something Upon the Rarities of the Most Renowned University of Cambridge. (1673)
A Testimony for All the Masters of Ships and Seamen to Read Over Reprinted the Second Time, with an Addition. by George Fox. (1677)
The Dutiful Sons Complaint to Their Mother the Church of England, Concerning the Late Elections by a Person of Quality. (1690)
A Letter to a Gentleman of Leicester-Shire Shewing, Out of the Publique Writings Which Have Passed Betwixt His Majestie and His Two Houses of Parliament (1643)
XXV Select Allusions to Several Places of Horace, Martial, Anacreon and Petron. Arbitr. Written by Mr. Dilke. (1698)
Studyguide for Radiology Business Practice: How to Succeed by Yousem, David M., ISBN 9780323044523
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Studyguide for College Algebra: A Graphing Approach, Enhanced Edition by Larson, ISBN 9781439043806
Studyguide for Sports and Entertainment Marketing by Kaser, Ken, ISBN 9780538445153
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Studyguide for Essentials of Organizational Behavior by Robbins, Stephen P, ISBN 9780136077619
The Estates of the Archbishop and Chapter of Saint-Andre of Bordeaux Under English Rule.
The Catechism Set Forth in the Book of Common-Prayer, Briefly Explained by Short Notes, Grounded Upon Holy Scripture to Which Is Now Added an Essay of
Anno Mariae Primo Actes Made in the Parliament Begun and Holden at Westminster, the Second Day of Aprill, in the First Yeere of the Raigne of Our Most Gratious Soueraigne Ladye Marie (1554)
Architecture for Children
The Journal of the Proceedings of the Parliament in Ireland with the Establishment of Their Forces There (1689)
Disorders of the Distal Radius Ulnar Joint and Their Surgical Management, An Issue of Hand Clinics
Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology For Respiratory Care
Multicore Application Programming: for Windows, Linux, and Oracle Solaris
Maguey Journey: Discovering Textiles in Guatemala
Writing the Ghetto: Class, Authorship and the Asian American Ethnic Enclave
The Three Books of Hermas the Disciple of Paul the Apostle. Viz. I. the Church. II. the Sheepherd. III. the Similitudes. Englished by John Pringle. (1661)
Angliae Notitia, Or, the Present State of England. Together with Divers Reflections Upon the Antient State Thereof / By Edward Chamberlayne. (1671)
An Examen of the Sermon of Mr. Stephen Marshal about Infant-Baptisme in a Letter Sent to Him. (1645)
The True Idea of Jansenisme Both Historick and Dogmatick. by T. G. (1669)
Speeches, Arguments, and Miscellaneous Papers of David Dudley Field / Edited by Titus Munson Coan.
The Present Estate of Spayne, or a True Relation of Some Remarkable Things Touching the Court, and Gouernment of Spayne with a Catalogue of All the Nobility, with Their Reuenues. (1630)
An Exposition of the Lords Prayer in the Vvay of Catechising Seruing for Ignorant People. Hereunto Are Adioined the Praiers of Paule, Taken Out of His Epistles. by W. Perkins. (1595)
A History of England Under the Anglo-Saxon Kings / Translated from the German of Dr. J.M. Lappenberg by Benjamin Thorpe; With Additions and Corrections by the Author and the Translator. Volume 1 of 2
de Graecae Ecclesiae Hodierno Statu Epistola Authore Thoma Smith ... (1676)
The Law and the Poor.
A Treatise on Copyholds and Copyhold Enfranchisement: Containing the Practical Duties of the Steward, Bailiff, and Other Manorial Officers.
Seuen Sobs of a Sorrowfull Soule for Sinne Comprehending Those Seuen Psalmes of the Princelie Prophet Dauid, Commonlie Called Poenitentiall; Framed Into a Forme of Familiar Praiers (1600)
German Life Writing in the Twentieth Century
The Perils of Proximity: China-Japan Security Relations
Generational Shifts in Contemporary German Culture
Maisa and the Bad Muslim Girls: F Word Project: Book 3
My Two Families
Fell Beasts
The Trial of St. Paul
The Martyrdom of St. Paul
On a Clear, Quiet Starry Night
A Thin Blue Line
Studyguide for Public Personnel Management by Klingner, Donald E, ISBN 9780136026884
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Of the Medals and Coins of Scotland (1709)
Studyguide for Small Business: An Entrepreneur's Business Plan by Ryan, J. D., ISBN 9780324591026
Nomadic Felts: Artistic Traditions in World Cultures
The Book That Started It All
Writing Blackness: John Edgar Wideman's Art and Experimentation
International Governance of Biotechnology
Oculoplastic Surgery
Birthmarks of Medical Significance, An Issue of Pediatric Clinics
Handbook of Erosion Modelling
Controlling the Past, Owning the Future: The Political Uses of Archaeology in the Middle East
Rebels in Groups: Dissent, Deviance, Difference, and Defiance
Marmora Arundelliana; Siue Saxa Graece Incisa Ex Venerandis Priscae Orientis Gloriae Ruderibus, Auspicijs (1628)
Paediatric Rehabilitation Engineering: From Disability to Possibility
Transactions on Computational Science XI: Special Issue on Security in Computing, Part II
The Laboratory Zebrafish
The Japanese Occupation of Borneo, 1941-45
Transactions on Computational Science X: Special Issue on Security in Computing, Part I
Essential Writings of Thorstein Veblen
Tales of Conner B
Liam and Pa
Practical Advantages
Salina and the Dragon
Desert Rain Dream
Mrs. Smith's Creative Kindergarten Class Celebrates Halloween
A Judaism for the Twenty-First Century
Just for Kicks!: The Year in Cartoons
Deliberate Wealth: The 5 Rules You Need to Know to Live Your Dream Lifestyle Today, Instead of Someday Maybe
Family Debt: The Devil's Due
Power Currency
A Treatise on the Law of Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes and Checks: Adapted from the English Work of Judge Chalmers.
London and New York: Their Crime and Police.
Pleading at Common Law and Under the Codes.
Supplement to Riddle's Treatise on the Law and Practice of Supplementary Proceedings: Adapted for Use in All the States and Territories.
Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics
Physics of Neutrinos: and Application to Astrophysics
The Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Continuous Media
From Number Theory to Physics
Fields, Symmetries, and Quarks
Optima and Equilibria: An Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis
Conformal Invariance and Critical Phenomena
Magnetism and Superconductivity
England's Glory Begun in I. Restoring Our Religion. II. Rectifying Our Coin. to Be Compleat in III. Reforming Our Manners. (1698)
Tuba-Pacifica Seasonable Praecautions Whereby Is Sounded Forth a Retreat from the War Intended Between England and the United Provinces of Lower Germany. (1664)
The Loss of the Soul the Irreparable Loss, Opened and Demonstrated ... in a Sermon, on Matt. XVI, 26 / By T. Beverley. (1694)
The Law's Lumber Room: Second Series.
Memoirs of the Right Honourable Henry Lord Langdale. Volume 2 of 2
Growth of American State Constitutions from 1776 to the End of the Year 1914.
Everybody's Legal Adviser. Volume 1 of 6
The Law as to the Appointment of New Trustees: With Appendices Containing Forms and Precedents and Material Sections of the Trustee ACT, 1893, and the Lunacy Acts, 1890 and 1891.
Political Essays.
A Digest of the Law and Practice of the High Court of Admiralty of England: With Notes from Text Writers and the Scotch, Irish, and American Reports. Volume 1 of 2
The Lord Chancellors of Scotland: From the Institution of the Office to the Treaty of Union. Volume 1 of 2
Jurisconsult Exercitations. Volume 2 of 3
Concise Forms of Wills with Practical Notes / By William Hayes and T. Jarman.
Insurable Interest and Valuations.
Notes on Municipal Corporations: Prepared for the Use of the Students in the Law Department of the University of Virginia.
McCaskill's Cases on Actions
On the Compulsory Purchase of the Undertakings of Companies by Corporations: And the Practice in Relation to the Passage of Bills for Compulsory Purchase Through Parliament.
On the Bankruptcy Law of England.
Studies on Slavery: In Easy Lessons: Compiled Into Eight Studies, and Subdivided Into Short Lessons for the Convenience of Readers.
Biological Micro- and Nanotribology: Nature's Solutions
Nondestructive Materials Characterization: With Applications to Aerospace Materials
Optimal Control of Mechanical Oscillations
Nonimaging Fresnel Lenses: Design and Performance of Solar Concentrators
Thin Films and Heterostructures for Oxide Electronics
Ultra Low-Power Electronics and Design
Hardware/Software Co-Design: Principles and Practice
Verification by Error Modeling: Using Testing Techniques in Hardware Verification
Euthanasia, Ethics and Tradition: The 21st Century African Dilemma
Learning Management Systems (Lms)
Insecticides Effects and Resistance Monitoring in a Predator
The Rise of Iran and the New Cold War in the Middle East
Role of Fines on Tmp's Strength in the Course of Recycling
Modeling Competition and Investment in Liberalized Electricity Markets
Advance Modulation and Multiplexing in Optical Communication Systems
Survivors of the Khmer Rouge Regime and Their Perceptions of Ptsd
Interkulturalitat in Studium Und Beruf
Reassertion of Human Camaraderie
Summary Jurisdiction: A Charge to the Grand Jury of the Quarter Sessions of the County of Middlesex.
Ko'ture: The Untold Story....
What I Learned at Bug Camp: Essays on Finding a Home in the World
Killed by Indians 1871
The Evolution of the Judiciary System of Pennsylvania.
Spatio-Temporal Databases: Flexible Querying and Reasoning
Wafer Level 3-D ICs Process Technology
Analog Circuit Design: RF Analog-to-Digital Converters; Sensor and Actuator Interfaces; Low-Noise Oscillators, PLLs and Synthesizers
Signal Processing for Wireless Communication Systems
Mixed-Mode Simulation and Analog Multilevel Simulation
Porous Media: Theory, Experiments and Numerical Applications
Quantitative Feedback Design of Linear and Nonlinear Control Systems
The State of Blessedness by W.W. (1681)
The Anabaptists Printed Proposals Bearing Date the 12th of October, 1674. Subscribed by William Kiffin, Jeremy Ives, Thomas Plant, Thomas Hicks and Daniel Dike. (1674)
A Treaty of Friendship and Commerce, Between His Majesty of Great Britain, Etc. and the Most Serene Prince, the Duke of Savoy Concluded at Florence the 19th Day of September, 1669. (1669)
The Poore Mans Reliefe (1654)
Studyguide for Effective Human Relations in Organizations by Reece, ISBN 9780618895700
Studyguide for Managerial Accounting by Bamber, Linda S., ISBN 9780132284639
Studyguide for Employee Training and Development by Noe, Raymond Andrew, ISBN 9780073530345
Studyguide for Managerial and Supervisory Principles for Physical Therapists by Nosse, Larry J., ISBN 9780781781329
Studyguide for Investigating College Algebra with Technology by Burgis, Kathy, ISBN 9780470412497
Studyguide for Economics of Strategy by Besanko, David, ISBN 9780471679455
Studyguide for Prealgebra and Introductory Algebra by Martin-Gay, Elayn, ISBN 9780321644909
Studyguide for Stochastic Simulation by Asmussen, Soren, ISBN 9780387306797
Evidence-Based Otolaryngology
Methods and Applications of Singular Perturbations: Boundary Layers and Multiple Timescale Dynamics
Techniques of Variational Analysis
Modeling and Simulation in Medicine and the Life Sciences
Engineering Differential Equations: Theory and Applications
Introduction to the Mori Program
A Practical Guide to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
A Book of Knovvledge in Three Parts. the First, Containing a Brief Introduction to Astrology, Shewing the Nature, Qualitie, and Effects of the Twelve Signs, and Seven Planets (1664)
A Contemplation of Heaven with an Exercise of Love, and a Descant on the Prayer in the Garden. by a Catholick Gent. (1654)
Via Recta Ad Vitam Longam, or a Plaine Philosophicall Discourse of the Nature, Faculties, and Effects, of All Such Things as by Way of Nourishments, and Dieteticall Obseruations (1622)
The Young-Mans Guide to Godlinesse. or the Prentises Practise on Earth That Hopes for a Freedome in Heauen. a Treatise of Such Graue and Wholesome Instruction (1619)
Epistolae Ho-Elianae Familiar Letters Domestic and Forren: Divided Into Four Books Partly Historical, Political, Philosophicall Upon Emergent Occasions / By James Howell. (1673)
Rubble on the High Seas
Sassie the Sea Horse: Learns That She Is Special Too.
You Are Enough
Tanker's Quest
Value Trai Based Risk Management
Multifrequency Oscillations of Nonlinear Systems
Prokids, Inc.; The Message and the Movement: A Guide for Parents and Professionals
The Logical Grammar of Abelard
A Summary of the Law of Patents and of Extension of Patents: With Forms, and All the Statutes.
English Practical Banking.
A Manual of the Usages of the Stock Exchange: And of the Law Affecting the Same, with Forms and Precedents of Pleadings.
The Law of Trade Marks.
Ransom and Ripley
The Laws Relating to English and Foreign Funds, Shares, and Securities: The Stock Exchange, Its Usages, and the Rights of Vendors and Purchasers.
Sheppard's Touchstone of Common Assurances, Or, a Plain and Familiar Treatise Opening the Learning of the Common Asssurances, or Conveyances of the Kingdom Volume 2 of 2
A Manual of Criminal Law: As Established in the State of Maryland.
Encyclopaedic Companion to Medical Statistics
The Temple Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations. by Mr. George Herbert, Late Oratour of the Universitie of Cambridge. (1634)
Evidence-Based Medicine: How to Practice and Teach It
A Companion to Families in the Greek and Roman Worlds
The Table-Talk of John Selden: With a Biographical Preface and Notes.
Principios de Legislacion Y de Codificacion: Extractados de Las Obras del Filsofo Ingles Jeremias Bentham / Por Francisco Ferrer Y Valls.
Life of James Sullivan: With Selections from His Writings. Volume 1 of 2
The Righteous Mans Euidences for Heauen, Or, a Treatise Shewing How Euery One, While Hee Liues Heere, May Certainely Know What Shall Become of Him After His Departure Out of This Life (1624)
The Revision of the Statutes of the State of New York and the Revisers: An Address Delivered Before the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, January 22, 1889.
A History of Physicians at Princess Alexandra Hospital 1956 to 2006
Jean Gerson and de Consolatione Theologiae (1418)
The Dialogue in English, Betweene a Doctor of Diuinitie, and a Student in the Lawes of England (1623)
Book Arts 2010: Bright Hill Center
Studyguide for Saunders Medical Office Management by Andress, Alice, ISBN 9781416056683
Studyguide for Auditing and Assurance Services by Messier, William F., ISBN 9780073337203
Studyguide for Macroeconomics by Williamson, ISBN 9780131368736
Studyguide for Introduction to the Economics of Financial Markets by Bradfield, James, ISBN 9780195310634
Studyguide for Accounting: Chapters 12-25 by Jr., ISBN 9780132249966
Studyguide for Auditing and Assurance Services by Hooks, Karen L., ISBN 9780471726340
Studyguide for Fundamentals of Financial Management: Concise by Brigham, Eugene F., ISBN 9780324319835
Studyguide for Cornerstones of Financial Accounting, Current Trends Update by Rich, ISBN 9780538751285
Studyguide for Risk Takers: Users and Abuses of Financial Derivatives by Marthinsen, John, ISBN 9780321542564
Practical Analysis in One Variable
Studyguide for Managerial Accounting 2007 Edition by Wild, John J., ISBN 9780073403984
The Nonesuch Press, Martin Chuzzlewit/ a Tale of Two Cities/Little Dorrit
Biomechanics: Mechanical Properties of Living Tissues
Geometry: A High School Course
Buzz: The Life and Art of Busby Berkeley
Structural Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization 1: Linear Systems
Computational Materials Design
Technological Choices for Sustainability
Vibrations of Elasto-Plastic Bodies
Engineering Design Synthesis: Understanding, Approaches and Tools
Statistical Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis
Power Plant Surveillance and Diagnostics: Applied Research with Artificial Intelligence
The Geographical Distribution of the Vote of the Thirteen States on the Federal Constitution, 1787-8.
Rudimentary Treatise on the Law of Contracts for Works and Services.
Een Amerikaansche Arbeidersvereeniging En Hare Eischen.
The Redox State and Circadian Rhythms
A Collection of Patent Cases: Criticised, Explained, Overruled, or Otherwise Limited by Subsequent Decisions of the Federal Courts, Giving a Short Statement of the Point Criticised.
Advanced Theory of Signal Detection: Weak Signal Detection in Generalized Observations
Robustness in Language and Speech Technology
Methodology and Epistemology of Multilevel Analysis: Approaches from Different Social Sciences
The World Geopolitics of Drugs, 1998/1999
The History of the Plot Anatomised: Or the Late Sham Fanatical-Plot, Briefly and Plainly Laid Open Wherein, Those Worthy Patriots Who Were Charged Therewith (1689)
The Loyall Convert with the Nevv Distemper. by F.Q. (1645)
A Sheet of Union. or CVII Principles of Religion, Wherein English Protestants Are Agreed (1679)
Anabaptism Considered Wherein the Chief Objections of That Sect Against Infant-Baptism, and the Manner of Baptizing by Aspersion, or Sprinkling, Are Fairly Stated and Answered (1700)
The Principles of Christian Religion Explained to the Capacity of the Meanest. by T.G. Minister of the Gospel (1670)
Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser Devices
Design of Low-Voltage CMOS Switched-Opamp Switched-Capacitor Systems
Transport Processes in Ion-Irradiated Polymers
Optical Fiber Sensor Technology: Advanced Applications - Bragg Gratings and Distributed Sensors
Information, Coding and Mathematics: Proceedings of Workshop honoring Prof. Bob McEliece on his 60th birthday
Cable Shielding for Electromagnetic Compatibility
Mechanics of Periodically Heterogeneous Structures
Computational Modeling of Homogeneous Catalysis
A Sermon Preached at Aldermanberry Church, Dec. 28, 1662 in the Fore-Noon by Edm. Calamy. (1663)
A Serious Epistle to Mr. William Prynne Wherein Is Interwoven an Answer to a Late Book of His, the Title Whereof Is Inserted in the Next Leafe. by J. Hall, of Grays-Inne. (1649)
Wages and Tariffs: Influence of the Protective System on Wages, Social Organization and the Distribution of Wealth: An Address Delivered Before the Brooklyn Revenue Reform Club, on May 8th, 1884.
The Practice of Banking: Embracing the Cases at Law and in Equity Bearing Upon All Branches of the Subject. Volume 4 of 4
The Constitutional and Legal Aspect of the Mormon Question: Speech of James W. Stillman in Science Hall, Boston, Mass., April 2D, 1882.
The Law of Master and Servant.
Taxation of Personal Property: Impracticable, Unequal and Unjust.
A Treatise on the American Law of Insolvency: Containing a Compilation of the Insolvent Laws of Maryland, and the Laws in Relation to Insolvent Debtors of the United States.
The Law Relating to the Investment of Trust Money.
Romanticism in Science: Science in Europe, 1790-1840
Historia del Orijen, Formacion y Adopcion de La Constitucion de Los Estados Unidos: Traducida del Testo Ingles Por J.M. Castilo; Con Un Prologo Por El Doctor Don Dalmacio Velez Sarsfield.
Computer Methods for Analysis of Mixed-Mode Switching Circuits
Novel Approaches in Civil Engineering
Conference Moshe Flato 1999: Quantization, Deformations, and Symmetries Volume II
La Nouvelle-Zelande
Patrick White within the Western Literary Tradition
Early Childhood Care and Education in the Asia Pacific Region - Moving towards Goal 1
Secret Warriors Volume 6: Wheels Within Wheels
Analog Circuit Design: Scalable Analog Circuit Design, High Speed D/A Converters, RF Power Amplifiers
Lunar Returns: The Many Things You Should Know about This Fantastic Tool of Forecasting
Report of the African Commission's Working Group on Indigenous Populations / Communities: Mission to the Republic of Rwanda 1-5 December 2008
The Handbook of Comparative Criminal Law
The Complete Plays of Jean Racine: Volume 1: The Fratricides
Archives and the Event of God: The Impact of Michel Foucault on Philosophical Theology
The Future of Transatlantic Relations: Perceptions, Policy and Practice

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